Letter of the heartLance Ubben- Keller Williams Realty Sioux Falls

Life after Capital One

Entering a place of the unknown is scary and intimidating. In December 2015, Capital One announced their closure, leaving me and 700 co-workers unemployed. Considering it was unexpected, many felt shocked, upset and disappointed. The fear and emotions that this experience initiated is understandable. For me, losing my job wasn’t a fear; it was a blessing. I considered this life event as my “big ticket” to be the person who I knew God wanted me to be. Whenever possible, I focus first on God’s direction.

From the beginning of this journey, God made my steps visibly clear. I chose a realtor, a good friend from church and I became a homeowner in 2015. Shortly after Capital One closed, we visited about my next career path. He asked if I had ever considered Real Estate as a career; ironically I had! Up until this point, the pieces had never fallen perfectly into place. After a night of prayer and rest, I quickly realized I had all of the right pieces; I just needed to put them together.

Five months later, I joined the #1 Real Estate name in the United States, Keller Williams Realty. My new career had superb technology and marketing systems, I knew I made the right choice. Early on, challenges arose and things didn’t go exactly I had envisioned. It isn’t a secret that Real Estate is a tough industry; a majority of agents don’t survive past their first year. Despite these terrifying statistics, this was another opportunity for God to lead the way. Through Him, I gained the confidence I desperately needed. Support from family, friends, and previous co-workers taught me to embrace the fear that once lingered which resulted in me creating positive and rewarding experiences with my clients.

As I look forward to continuing my real estate career with my clients, I have so much more to learn and additional fears to overcome. I have never flown in an airplane or been to the ocean, so my new fiancée and I plan to overcome these fears in July with a trip to California to visit her family. Did I mention I have an overwhelming fear of sharks? Similar to the fear of failing in Real Estate, I hope to embrace the opportunity and dive in head first.

With God anything is possible and I will lean on Him as He guides my life into marriage with my best friend this coming October. The fear of the unknown is all around us. I hope you have the courage to embrace it and prosper in all of the waves that may come your way. Don’t be afraid to contact me with any of your Real Estate questions or needs. I look forward to hearing from you!